Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bench Ball

Bench ball is a game which involves two even teams, Benchball involves two bench and balls the aim of benchball is too get your team onto the opposition bench well the opposition does the same. Every team has it’s own side if a member of the opposition team come onto your side you have a chance to touch them if you touch them then they must return back to their own side to try again, once the first person from your team is on the bench then you must throw a ball to them if they catch the ball you have a chance to run onto the bench but you must not get tagged from the opponent.

My participation in benchball was Merit due to the effort and engagement, I have chosen merit because during the game of benchball my defense and offense skills were good an example is when people from the opposition team tried to get past when I defended the Bench, Furthermore my offense was good because I managed to get onto the bench I was motivated by my goal to beat the opposition team.

Three key factors that help me in benchball were + challenge I have chosen this factor because with the opposition team being a challenging team it increased my level of engagement, this increased my level of engagement because by having a challenge I was able to set my mind to beating the opponents, moreover without having a challenging team then I wouldn't have tried much harder than I did so by having a challenge it increased my level of participation.

Another key factor that I have chosen is + friends and classmates and how we were eager to beat the other team this helped us because it made us more defensive by having a competition we were able to improve on our tactical skills and planning an example is when we collaborated cooperatively together making a plan which improved on our scoring by having friends and classmates in my team it made my level of participation increase.  

The final factor that I have chosen is + previous experience and how at my old school we would play benchball I have chosen this factor because by having previous experiences with bench ball I was familiar with tactics and strategies to use during the game. By having the previous experience this made me want to play more, so this factor increased my participation.

If I was to increase my participation level I would be more involved throughout the game for example helping others to get to the bench by distracting the other team.



  1. I am speechless - this is an incredible reflection Isiah! You have explained the game well, and have justified how the three factors affected your participation. Can you think of any factors which reduced your participation? Can't wait to read more of your reflections!

  2. Hi im Taniela this is awesome to see you guys playing sports in your class. We as a P.E class has played this game and you have laid your work out really good.


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