Monday, June 12, 2017

Balance and stability

Balance and stability, Balance Is the force around you that keeps you upright, and stability is the ability to resist disruption to balance, and return to balance if disruption occurs, Our task was to explore the 3 types which keep you upright which are the line of gravity, centre of mass and base of support.

If you where to increase your  balance and stability you would need to widen your support so that you would be more stable and have more support, you would also need to lower your centre of gravity and apply force towards an unstable force.

In P.E we where set a task which was related to balance and stability our task was to perform certain pose's which outlined the 3 types of gravity.  The task involved a certain number of students to perform the pose's with which then leaded on with our whole class doing a human pyramid, I strongly thought that this activity was a waste of time but further on my opinion changed. 

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  1. Hey Isiah, this is a great description of balance and stability, which you will be able to use in the future for revision. Another way to increase your balance/stability is to try to keep your LOG towards the centre of your BOS. Thanks for being honest about your thoughts of the activity - I am pleased your opinion changed! I am interested to know how/what made your opinion change? What did you think of the activity at the end of it? Miss D


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