Thursday, September 7, 2017


In our P.E session, we played volleyball for our 1.1 assessment We were being assessed on our participation, The equipment that was needed to play this game was a volleyball net and a volleyball. The game is played worldwide with a team of 6 on the court the aim of this game is to hit the volleyball over to the other side and make it hit their ground. Thier are three major moves that are used in volleyball, The dig which is a pass where you use the majority of your arm with your elbow facing the ground and your hand placed on top of each other with your thumbs tucked in to hit the ball, this pass is usually the first pass used, which helps increase the height of the ball. The second pass used is a called set, this pass links with the third move called a spike, A set is when a player receives the ball from a height where he is able to use his fingers to boost the ball in the direction of a player, which the ball must be a fair height to spike, The third move spike is used to smash the ball onto the opposition side, this happens because the force applied when hitting the ball is strong it increase the speed of the balls travel.

Image result for volleyballKnowing these moves it increased our chance of winning. My participation throughout the whole period was at merit level I have chosen this grade because I was able to perform all of these moves correctly and participated at my full ability, although my grade was affected by the lack of sports wear I still think strongly that I deserve this, The three factors that influenced me were classmates, experience and fun and enjoyment I have chosen each of these factors because they've affected my participation immensely.

Classmates this factor is my key factor of participation because when playing this game, my fellow classmate were not interested in playing because we were winning this making the game boring, although this happening our team managed to influence the other team in try harder by doing this it made the game more fun and also helped the other peer's in getting a better grade, the factor classmates 
in this game a positive effect on all of us because we motivated and influenced each other.

My second-factor experience help my performance in a great way, because by knowing strategies, game play and moves in boosted my confidence and made me more excited to play this also with experience I was able to share my knowledge with other peers, this being also positive for me because I was focused and my peers because it made them more familiar with the sport.

My final factor fun and enjoyment relates with experiences because with my knowledge I was able to have more fun and enjoy myself because I was able to just play without waiting for our teacher to explain which made our game-time longer, By having a longer time period it meant that we had more time to play and have fun.


  1. What an in depth reflection Isiah. I love how you've explained some of the key parts of the sport so well, including the different techniques you could use in the game. I enjoyed reading about the factors which influenced your participation, especially the last part. I agree that it is more fun when we play for longer than listening to me lots, this shows how important it is to get changed and set up the equipment quickly, so that we can play longer. Looking forward to reading more of your reflections!

  2. Isiah having read a few of your posts now I think this is my favorite because I could really understand your thinking and what the key factors are. The class mates one is interesting. Sometimes I think when the competition gets tough and challenging it can help us to lift our game. I think you must have good teachers because you have got to try so many different activities and games. Enjoy the holidays that a re coming up.


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