Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sepak Takraw

During our practical in p.e our class participated in a unusual sport that originated in south east Asia called Sepak Takraw, The game Sepak Takraw is similar to volleyball but there are two main difference  in Sepak Takraw you can use any part of your body except your arms the second difference is the ball that  is used in the game is much smaller and either made out of flax or wood.  When our class played this game we where set in to teams of three of our own choosing with four groups, Once into our groups we played each other.

My level of effort and engagement during this game was a M, I have given my self this grade because without having any experience or knowledge about this game our team still manged to play, Moreover in my team I was able to use my head to score leading on to the winning point, The Three main factors that influenced me throughout the lesson were challenge,fun/enjoyment and completion.

Challenge this factor influenced me because the challenge of learning a new sport in a short time period made me to pay attention more so that I could play the game also with the challenge of playing the game without using your arms made the game more fun, furthermore If it would have been another sport that I was familiar with then I don't think that I would pay attention more.

Secondly with the second factor fun/enjoyment, the fact that we played without using our arms it made the game fun, when at beginning of the session when the teacher mentioned that there were no arms or hands involved it seemed weird but then further in the game in made the game more enjoyable because it was a new experiences were as in most sport's you use you feet and hands and arms mostly. By not using my hands or arms it also made more experienced and familiar with using my feet,head,knees and back.

Third and finally the competition influenced me the most out of all my factors because with every class student not knowing how to play it increased the competition level, By increasing the competition level it also made us more interactive and fun which leads on to having my former factors. If the competition level was easy then the game wouldn't be fun or interesting and I don't think that I would have my factors.


  1. Wow isiah you have done so well explaining a variety of factors that impacted your participation levels. Can you think of specific examples or people that were causing you to be more competitive and why?

  2. Thanks for the post Isiah I agree with Hanchen that your description explained factors of enjoyment really well. I think I have played that game and found the ball abit unpredictable in the way it would bounce. It is interesting to think that because it was new the people got competitive. Looking forward to checking out more of your blogs.


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