Monday, July 31, 2017


Image result for zumbaZumba is an activity where you dance, today in our p.e lesson we participated in this activity, During our practical, our teacher put a video of Zumba that we had to follow, we did this activity because our class was begin grade on our participation in unfamiliar sports. The grade that I have given myself is an A for achieved I have chosen this because during the lesson I didn't participate at my full ability.

The three factors that influenced me are friends and classmates I have chosen this factors because during the beginning of the session I was not contributing but when I saw my fellow classmates doing the dance it influenced me to do the dance as well. My second factor that I have chosen is The sense of achievement I have chosen this factor because by doing the activity it gave me a sense of achievement because if I did not do it then my assessment for that activity would be poor. My third and final factor that I have chosen is a challenge I have chosen this because it was challenging for me to dance in front of everyone, But eventually, i did it this factor challenge links back to the sense of achievement that I felt.

In the future, something that I could do better to influence me and my peers is to encourage them to try it out if this does not work then I will do the dance routine myself and show them that it is not hard.


  1. Good to see that you got up and participated in Zumba and that you have blogged about Zumba. Good on you for giving it a go.

  2. good to see that your participated in Zumba and it a grate way to be a good intrastate so when you can influence the young one in the future

    1. I agree with you Joshua even when it is hard there is a chance to influence younger people to be involved and participate.

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  4. Hey Isiah I never know what activity you will have done in your class. There are so many different ones. It is really interesting to hear the things tha effect your participation. I want to know if doing the Zumba one made you smile? The ball ones I could imagine being into from the start because of the competitive part of it and skill challenge. When I do fitness with music background and set moves I can't stop smiling. I don't know what it is because I always seem to get it wrong and it is a little embarrasing. Did you get the smiles or did you do it to because of the assessment stuff? Thanks for the blog.

  5. Oh yeah - maybe adding a label to the blog post would help group them together. Good luck for the next activity. Who knows what that will be! It's pretty hard to guess.


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