Wednesday, July 12, 2017


In our P.E session we played badminton, The equipment that is needed to play badminton is rackets, shuttle and nets. In the game badminton you can either play in peers of two or single. The game badminton is similar to tennis except the net used to play in badminton is higher and much smaller in width. The aim of this game is to hit the shuttle on to the opposition's side if the shuttle hit's the ground then it is a point.

My level of engagement in badminton was a merit I have chosen this because my team manged to win every game we played. The three factors that have influenced me while playing this game would be previous experience,Fun and enjoyment and skill level. I have chosen these three because i think that they really help me.

Previous experience I have chosen this factor because coming from another school I was able to play this game a lot during there p.e session giving me more experience. Will coming to school it gives me more than my another classmates from my new school. My second factor is fun and enjoyment i have chosen this because i like playing badminton and by our class getting to play the game it pushed me to try harder. My third and final factor is skill level which kinda leads on to my first factor i have chosen this factor because me having a lot of experience it helped me to learn more skills and techniques which helped me our game.

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