Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was a former scientist that lived between the 16-17 hundreds, He was widely known for his hypothesis of the law of motion and universal gravitational. Sir Isaac Newton was born in woolsthorpe manor, United kingdom,

Sir Isaac Newton is known for his theory about the 3 laws of motion which his first law is the law of inertia, Meaning an object will remain stationary or in motion unless an unbalanced force  is acted upon it for example A ball will stay stationary unless a force (foot) is acted on it, e.g your foot kicking the ball,

 His second law of motion is the law of acceleration meaning the greater the mass the more force needed  to accelerate it e.g if their were two balls with an unequal mass then for one ball you will have to apply more force than the other, with the equation F= M x A.

 Newtons third and final law is the law of action and reaction meaning with every action there is an equal an opposite reaction an example is if you jump on a trampoline the action is you jumping and the equal and opposite reaction is the trampoline pushing you up.

The game inertia ball demonstrated the three laws of motion, The first law of inertia was shown in the game when we had to throw the smaller balls at the big ball, It was shown when the force of the thrown ball hit the staple big ball causing in to move. The second law (law of acceleration) was shown when we threw the basketball with the basketball having a greater mass the force had a stronger impact then the tennis ball did.

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