Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Kī-o-rahi is a ball sport played in New Zealand with a small round ball, The game is widely known in Māori communities and is played in Locations throughout the country. It is a fast-paced sport with skills similar to Australian Rules and rugby union, Two teams of seven players play on a circular field divided into zones, and score points by touching the 'pou' which is boundary markers and hitting a central target The game is played with varying rules( e.g. number of people, size of field, tag ripping rules, depending on where it is played in. A process called Tatu, before the game, determines which rules the two teams will use.

My Level of engagement and participation during this game was at Merit, I have chosen this grade because throughout the game i was focused and interactive from start to finish. Also I have never played ki-o-rahi before so I think that I participate good and followed the rules. The three factors that influenced me the most are challenge,environment and fun and enjoyment. 

Challenge I have chosen this because the challenge of learning a new sport was hard for me but i think that i did really well as i explained earlier. The second factors that has influenced me was environment I have chosen this factors because we had to play our sport outside where it was windy and cold. The last factor enjoyment I have chosen this because I like the game ki-o-rahi and when we played it was fun.



  1. Awesome description of the game Isiah! To increase further, you could think about including pictures or videos. I am glad you enjoyed the new game, we will try and play again in the future. For your reflection, it is important you talk about HOW the factors affected your participation. So, did the environment make you participate more because you were cold? Did the challenge of having a new activity mean you didn't play as much as you usually would because you didn't know what you were doing? For your future reflections you need to include HOW your participation was affected. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks for sharing about Ki-o-rahi Isiah as I had not even heard of the game before. It looks as if you are pretty lucky to be learning all these different games. I am interested to hear if you used the "ki" (small round ball) and if there is anything special about it. It sounds as if the cold environment took some getting used to. Do you think that you can overcome that with attitude or does it need to have warm clothes? Really enjoying reading about all these different games. Maybe you could label them in your blog so they can be found later.


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