Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ultimate Frisbee

During P.E our class participated in Ultimate Frisbee which is a physical sport which involves A set of cones, two equal teams and a Frisbee. The aim of this games is to get the Frisbee to the your own end zone without running with it, to score your team must pass the Frisbee around to your fellow team mates as soon as you are near your end zone a player from your team must cachet the Frisbee in it, for the defending team you must stop the opposite team from scoring by catching the Frisbee or either knocking in out, But if you knock it out or drop the Frisbee then it is a handover.

My engagement during our practical session was medium which puts me at a achieved level, I have graded my self at an achieved because my participation was fair but I could have done a lot better at defending the end zone, furthermore I have also graded myself this because my team-mate skill where poor.

Three factors that influenced me throughout the game was the challenge, I have chosen this factor because with the challenge of us losing throughout the game it encouraged our team to try harder.
Another key factor that influenced me was environment this influenced me because our game was based outside where it was windy, and where the end-zone was based our team had the upper advantage because the wind blow in our direction. My third factor is fun and enjoyment I have chosen this because ultimate Frisbee is a cool game which i really enjoy to play by playing a game which i enjoy it made me try more.

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