Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Today for our p.e assessment we played softball. In softball the equipment that is needed are 4 bases, a softball bat, a softball and fielding gloves. In our class we were split into which played each other. In the game of softball each of the two teams have to bat the ball as far as they can, then running as fast as they can to each of the 4 bases, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and home, If they mange to reach each base in order with out getting out a point is added to that team. Where the team which is fielding that have to either catch a ball on a full or tag a player with the ball, the team with the most points by the end wins.
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My participation and engagement in the game softball was played at a merit level, i have graded myself at this level because I was engaged at all times and our team also won. there were many key factors that helped my participation and engagement increase which is fun and enjoyment, challenge and experience, i have chosen these three because were the most influential in my activity.

Fun and enjoyment i have chosen this factor because it influenced me to try harder, because the game softball is one of many of my favorite games and by the game being so fun influenced me to run faster and hit the ball harder, This is a positive factor because it increased my level engagement in a good way by increase my skills.

challenge this second factor motivated me to challenge myself and see if i could get a home run, this factor made me more focused with the pitch being thrown the challenge of hitting the ball made me focus more in trying to hit a home run, with the factor challenge of the pitch it made me succeed in being able to get a home run where as having an easy pitch the outcomes of the bat may be different.

Previous experience my final factor helped me with familiarisation with the rules and strategies which could help me in the game this was a huge factor because with all the previous experience that i had i was able say that i knew the rules and strategies involved with game of softball.

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