Monday, October 30, 2017

Childhood Games

Image result for childhood gamesIn our P.E session today we played a variety of games the games we played were octopus, leap frog, four square, skipping and hopscotch these games were very familiar to all of us, my favourite game we played was octopus because it was fun and It was my favourite when I was little. When playing these game I think that my level of engagement was at merit level, I have chosen this grade because when playing these game I was engaged and focused throughout the lesson.

The three major factor that influenced me was fun and enjoyment, equipment and environment I have chosen these factor because I think that these factor had driven me to perform at a merit level,

Fun and enjoyment which is a positive factor, This factor Is the most influential factor because liking the game I was able to play by the rules and have fun because I enjoyed the game secondly equipment which is a negative factor, I have chosen this factor because when I first entered the rec I had no P.E gear and since it was an assessment this meant that it would affect my grade this making me try harder to make up for not bring the correct gear.

My final factor that I have chosen is environment which is a positive factor i have chosen this factor because since we were playing in the rec it wasn't so hot this meaning that I could play for a longer period of time without getting hot faster were if I was outside I would get hotter faster making me more tired and won't try harder than I would have in the rec.

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